Dissection of a PIG EYE

In der 8. Klasse stehen im Fach Biologie die Sinne und Sinnesorgane auf dem Lehrplan. Um zu verstehen, wie Sinnesorgane funktionieren, bekam diese Klasse die Möglichkeit, echte Augen zu sezieren. Hier ein Bericht aus dem Fach Bio-bilingual: 


Dissection of a PIG EYE        (Class 8, October 2010)



Here you see the pig eye and one of the pupils dissects it. They needed scissors, scapels, razor blades, needles of dissections and tweezers.The black part of the eye is the pupil.


Here the pupils tried to understand the way the light goes through the eye. They cut a hole into the back of the eyeball and put a piece of greaseproof paper over this hole. Then the light of the candle in front of the eye could be seen on that paper.


This picture presents the effect of the lense. The pupils cut the lense out of the eye and put it on a text. As you can see, the lense magnifies the letters.


Here you see the lense without the rest of the eye.