Insight biology - dissection of a pig's heart

Dissection of a pig’s heart: 9 BF

Let’s start:
After having removed the fat around the heart we made a cross section through it.
Exhilarated we discovered the pulmonary vein and the aorta.


On the left hand side you can see the aorta which transports blood and oxygen to the brain. We put our finger into it and noticed that it was rubbery and that we could expand it a little bit. Around the aorta there is a lot of fat and meat. On the right hand side you can see the heart muscle.


In this picture you can recognize the pig’s heart muscle which is around the right and left ventricle and the atria. On the left side of the fat tissue you can see the aorta (long tube) and the pulmonary artery (the big, white tube in the middle). You can also see the outer surface of the heart.


In this picture you can see a cross section of a pig’s heart. The white stripes in the middle are the ligaments of the heart valves. Behind the stripes there is one of the two ventricles.


In this picture you can see a sliced pig’s heart. Where the scalpel is, you see the ligaments of the cardiac valves. The picture also shows the heart’s walls and in the background one of the arteries. You can also see a lot of adipose tissue. It was a bit sad that the heart was this tattered.


We had a project about “heart diseases“. Our class, the 9BF, made posters which show the most important heart diseases and presented them in class. Some important topics are:
atherosclerosis, coronary (artery) disease, high blood pressure, smoking, thrombosis and pacemakers.