Short Story Contest

Die Klasse 11PLF2 hat im Rahmen des Englischunterrichtes Charakteristika der Textgattung Short Story erarbeitet und an einigen Beispieltexten kennengelernt. Anschließend erklärte sich die Klasse bereit, die Theorie in Praxis umzusetzen und einen Short Story Contest durchgeführt:

Jede/r hat eine eigene Short Story verfasst und anschließend den eigenen und die Texte anderer untersucht und bewertet. Die Ergebnisse waren vielfältig: Von Liebes- über Mord- bis hin zu Horrorgeschichten waren viele Genres vertreten.

Zwei der insgesamt am besten ausgefallenen Texte sollen an dieser Stelle geteilt werden:



Silence. But not that enjoyable type of it, no. It was this silence when you were just waiting for a monster in the dark to strike. Speaking of darkness, this room really was dark- way too dark for my liking. Even my own hands could only be noticed as the smallest of movements in front of my eyes. But suddenly a dim light illuminated a fraction of the room revealing… well, less than I expected. I could tell, that this room had not been used for a long time because the bed I was lying on could really use a repair. I slowly turned my head in the other direction and caught sight of a bed that was even more damaged than mine. But suddenly, something moved on the bed. My heart stopped. Was this the moment when I would be attacked by something next to me?

To my surprise, a pair of eyes exactly matching mine looked at me and seemed to be confused as well. “Hello?“ I asked, a bit louder than I wanted to. A strong and firm voice answered: “Hello, who are you?“ I wanted to answer his question, but I-I forgot my own name. How was that even possible? But then, a flashback, “Luke.“ I said. I got no response for a while, but then the other boy answered as well: “Mine is Josh, nice to meet you, Luke!“. Somehow his voice sounded very familiar to me, so I asked: “Do you know me?“. Once again- silence. Despite I had just asked seconds ago, I unexpectedly remembered myself and we said it together at the same time: “You are my twin brother!“. What a cheerful twist immediately the room felt a lot less dangerous, even though we both still did not know how we got there.

Without a warning, a door got opened and a woman with a doctor’s gown stepped into the room. In a blink of an eye, we both pretended to be sleeping, not knowing what the women would do next. Thoughts were rushing through my head “Who is that? Did we get kidnapped? How did I end up here?“. The woman was slowly walking towards us, on the way picking up a huge syringe from a rusted table on castors. She doing this really flicked a switch in my head- “I didn’t know who she was or what she was going to do, but that needle was not gonna touch me!“ I gathered all my courage and when she was close enough to my bed, I snatched the syringe out of her hand, stabbed her in her leg, and watched as she slowly slumped on the floor. Flabbergasted of what happened, I didn’t want to waste any time asking myself questions- I took one last look at the women, then Josh and I ran out of the room as fast as we could.

The view, that presented itself to us, was not very pleasant. We were standing in a wide seemingly never-ending hallway. On the right side of it a room was lit by a faint light and we could hear people talking. Abruptly, the talking stopped and the door was slowly being opened by a man, also wearing a doctor’s gown. In his hand, he was holding something…“Was it a knife or just a pen or another syringe?“. I knew that I did not want to find out, so I quickly whispered: “run!“ to Josh and we both turned the other direction and ran as fast as we possibly could. For a while, we could hear the man chasing after us, which just made us run even faster. Finally! The exit door!! One step, another, another-- jump… … …

The door- was locked. Josh was desperately trying to break the door open, but nothing seemed to work. Meanwhile, I am completely freaking out- I heard the man running into the hallway we were standing in and was about to give up when suddenly Josh attacked him. “Go, run away, leave as fast as you can!“ he shouted.

I hesitated but in the end followed words. I threw myself against the door, heard a crack, and burst through it to the outside. I didn’t even look back, I just ran for my life, always being followed by one last scream from my twin Josh. I wish I could find out what actually happened on that day, did we get kidnapped, did we just lose our memories, and did the people in this run-down hospital actually wanted to help us?---


By Julian B.




Violet shoes


A shoebox. An inconspicuous shoebox - for some people at least. But she knows better. And that is why she is too scared to open it. Until she finally does it.

There they are. Two beautiful violet shoes, decorated with sparkling pearls and glittery crystals, looking like the ones of a princess - a little princess, she realises after she noticed how small they suddenly seem.

She closes her eyes and when she opens them again, everything feels different. All of a sudden, the shoes are gone. She starts to panic only to realise that she is wearing them. How could her feet still fit into these tiny shoes? Without further thinking she gets up and walks straight towards the mirror at the end of the room, not recognising the person she is seeing.

The dark circles around her eyes from all the sleepless nights are gone, the lines of worry on her forehead seem to have never existed and there are sparkles in her eyes that she has already forgotten long time ago. In the mirror she sees a little girl, maybe 5 years old, looking as if she has never had to worry about anything in life.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, two familiar voices appear to be calling for her - one of a man and one of a woman.” Laura, it‘s time!“, they scream. Desperately, again and again.

But she isn‘t able to move, nor to answer.

The shoes. Of course, it must be the shoes. How did she ever think that she could still fit into these tiny, old and unwearable shoes? She looks down at her feet, letting the guilt of realisation overcome her.

These are not the shoes of a princess anymore. They are old and worn out. The violet colour is already fading, leaving an unpleasant shade of grey behind and all the glitter is gone.

She remembers. And when she looks at the mirror again, everything is back. The dark circles around her eyes, the lines of worry on her forehead - even that empty expression on her face showing all the years of sadness she has been through.

What a pathetic try, she thinks while she is looking at her feet that still try to fit into the tiny violet shoes.

I am never going to be a little princess again.


By Celine H.